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If you're interested in baseball — writing about it, reading about it, talking about it — there's a place for you in the Society for American Baseball Research. Our members include everyone from academics to professional sportswriters to amateur historians and statisticians to students and casual fans who enjoy reading about baseball and occasionally gathering with other members to talk baseball.  What unites all SABR members is an interest in the game and joy in learning more about it. SABR membership is open to anyone; we offer 1-year and 3-year membership.

Learn more about becoming a member at 

Here’s a list of some of the key benefits you'll receive as a SABR member:

Three research magazines each year — including two issues of the renowned Baseball Research Journal and The National Pastime — plus our informative "This Week in SABR" e-newsletter every Friday.

Our pipeline is stocked with numerous books. Some released as free e-book downloads to members at

Research Tools:
SABR members will benefit from access to Paper of Record – with The Sporting News and other periodicals – the SABR-L listserv, Lending Library, Oral History Collection and many other proprietary tools.

Discounts to SABR Conferences:
Discounts on any one of our conferences exceeds the cost of an annual SABR membership. Our growing list of events is highlighted by the SABR Analytics Conference, SABR National Convention, Jerry Malloy Negro Leagues Conference, and the Arizona Fall League Conference.

Research Committees:
There are more than two dozen groups devoted to the study of a specific area related to the game.

In addition, many SABR and RM SABR members meet formally and informally within the chapters throughout the year and hundreds come together for the annual national convention, the organization's premier event. We hope you'll join the most passionate international community of baseball fans at SABR!

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