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Baseball fans love talking baseball. We all have an interest in the game and enjoy learning more about it. The Rocky Mountain chapter of SABR (“RMSABR” or “Chapter”) holds a variety of activities and events throughout the calendar year. These bring members together to enjoy baseball, celebrate its history and traditions, and enjoy the opportunity to interact with other fans. Even though the Chapter activities and events are held for the benefit of Chapter members, all baseball fans and their guests are invited and encouraged to attend.

Monthly luncheons are one of the more popular events held by RMSABR, and these have become an especially entertaining time for members and their guests. This monthly gathering is an opportunity for fans to meet, interact, and discuss all aspects of baseball (past, present and future) and to share a mutual love of the game. The luncheons are usually scheduled for the third Wednesday of every month starting at Noon, Mountain Time, but there are times when the luncheon is held on a different day, due to scheduling conflicts. Luncheon and other event details are also subject to change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (e.g. events may be held virtually).

The Chapter’s winter meeting (scheduled to coincide with the national organization’s “SABR Day in America”) is RMSABR’s participation in the Hot Stove League. Usually scheduled for late January or early February, the event often includes a research presentation (history, analytics…), speaker or panel, and energetic discussion always accompanies the gathering. A RMSABR special tradition, at this gathering, is our famous “mass game of catch” (outdoors & regardless of the weather), to mark the mid-point of the off-season (unless, of course, the event is held virtually).

A developing tradition for the Chapter is an annual opportunity to meet the General Manager of the Colorado Rockies for a “State of the Rockies” session. Usually an early-season event, a presentation by the GM is followed by lively Q&A about the team, personnel, and current & future prospects. 

During the summer months, with the baseball season in full swing, the Chapter likes to schedule another gathering for all Chapter members to come together and discuss the current state of Colorado Rockies, as well as the current results of the baseball season. This meeting usually involves either a guest speaker or other presentation, concluding with another Chapter tradition: the Baseball Trivia Contest, where all Chapter members can test their baseball knowledge against the very best in the game.

If you have a suggestion for an activity or event that you feel would benefit Chapter members, please contact us. RMSABR is always receptive to suggestions for new and additional events and activities.

Activity and event announcements are sent to members via email announcements. The Chapter also maintains an active social media presence, where fans can receive information about upcoming Rocky Mountain SABR events.

For details on the next chapter meeting, event, or activity:

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